Policy Number: 1.3.8
Date: 07/07/87

The department head is the executive officer of the academic department. He/she is responsible to the Dean.

The head of a department in the College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) shall in accord with University and CVM policies:
  1. Assume responsibility for the quality, effectiveness, and progress of the department.
  2. Formulate and execute departmental policies and executive University and CVM policies as these affect the department, with due regard for the prerogatives and responsibilities of the faculty.
  3. Recommend, after appropriate faculty counsel (consistent with University Policies and Procedures, Appendix D) appointment, reappointment, salary increases and adjustments, tenure, dismissal and other personnel actions relating to the members of the faculty and staff under his/her direction.
  4. Provide leadership, motivation, and management toward the achievement of excellence in teaching, research, continuing education and service activities of the department and CVM.
  5. Prepare and submit to the Dean an annual budget for his/her administrative area and be responsible for the administration of allocated budgets.
  6. Provide for the control, maintenance and general supervision of movable and fixed property, and all official records assigned or delegated to the department.
  7. Recommend improvements in the efficiency of operation of organizational units assigned to his/her responsibility.
  8. Plan and manage departmental functions, seek the counsel of the department faculty, and delegate duties when possible.
  9. As a faculty member, the Department Head is expected to participate in the teaching, research, service and extension activities of the department.
  10. Call and preside over all meetings of the department faculty and staff.
  11. Coordinate the recruitment of new faculty members and advertise vacancies appropriately, consistent with the University’s policies on equal employment opportunity and affirmative action.
  12. Serve as a member of the Veterinary Administrative Council of the CVM.
  13. Annually update and submit to the Dean a departmental five-year plan for the department’s missions of teaching, research, service and extension.
  14. Prepare annual appraisal and development reports on academic personnel. Counsel with and direct faculty related to their career development.
  15. Implement policies for the safety and protection of employees and students in the department. The department head has the authority to take emergency action which he/she deems appropriate to avoid accidents or damage to personnel or property, pending investigation by the Dean and appropriate safety committees and other officers.
  16. Serve as communication officer for all official business within the department and with the dean of the CVM.
  17. Promote the public image of the department, CVM and the University.

This position description was proposed by Dr. Robert Fulton and approved at the July 7, 1987 meeting of the VAC.

Approved By: J. W. Alexander
Reviewed By:
Review Date: 07/07/87